Dena (Den-ahh)

Darvish (Dar-veesh)

Derakhshan (De-rackh-shon)

Dena Derakhshan is an American-based, award winning writer, director, and producer. As a Director, his body of work includes Feature Films, TV Series, Music Videos, Documentaries, and high-end corporate work. His specialties include narrative, visual storytelling and uses actor performance and camera movement to its full potential. Derakhshan is also an expert script doctor. His passion for filmmaking continues away from the camera as a video game designer, where he brings his eye and attention to detail to the medium to ensure the craft reaches its true potential.

Born to an Iranian mother and father, both business owners and artists, Derakhshan’s distinctive aesthetic and significant expertise has seen him shoot projects all around the world.

Derakhshan became fascinated with the power of the image as a teenager. This late interest led him on a path to event photography for Thomas the Train (British television show).

Starting out, Derakhshan pursued studies in film with Super 8mm cameras. He fast gained a reputation as having an eye for telling a good story in his work. He has enjoyed a career as a sought-after producer on several major and minor American narrative feature film productions.

Many of his works have screened at film festivals throughout the world (including Cannes, San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York) and have been recognized at the highest levels, including nomination for Official Selections and Best Documentary awards. Derakhshan's collaboration with clients include Lucasfilm, Channel 101, Sony Music, The Rookie, to name a few. He has shot music videos for upcoming profile artists including Luis Oliart.

Derakhshan's work has been profiled in several industry publications. He is often found on panels and forums discussing his work and the art and craft of writing and the business of filmmaking.

Writer | Film Director | Producer

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